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Well I know ppl probably don't look at my page yet but...

2009-01-19 18:37:54 by WhiteGhost

I'm about 75% done with the first ep of my series! All the talking is done only thing left is the fight . DO you guys think I should just health bars?


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2009-01-24 05:32:04

Dude, what is the name of this series?

WhiteGhost responds:

StreetFighter Flash Series its gonna start at Alpha state in the SF storyline.


2009-01-24 06:38:45

"DO you guys think I should just health bars?"
I think that you're 13 years old.

WhiteGhost responds:

Come on man it was a mistake lol. Im 21 btw :P
Do you guys think i should use health bars rofl my bad xD


2009-01-30 10:23:46

lol skates, whats age got to do with it.
also its up to you if ya want lifebars or not.

WhiteGhost responds:

thanks I dont think i will since i made a v cam


2009-01-31 03:45:05

Health bars? That depends.

Are you using a v-cam? If so, that can turn health bar usage into a royal pain in the ass. It can be done, but you can expect to add a couple of days to your production time at the very minimum.


WhiteGhost responds:

Yeah i made a v cam so yea it will be a pain in the ass i have to keep resizing. I'm busy with my internship, MUGEN, school, and work so I work on it when i get time...BUT IT WILL GET DONE by the end of Feb 09


2009-02-01 05:14:23

Healthbars would only take you a lot of stress.
Since it's your first serious project, I guess
you should let someone check it out. Like a beta-tester
or something.

WhiteGhost responds:

Indeed I have other animators from my College looking at it so far they like it. Im more of a programmer then an animator so yep but i enjoy Street fighter and I'm tired of all the MK vs SF stories so I decided to take it old school only SF maybe i'll add other companies but only like a filler or something.


2009-02-03 02:26:35

"I'm tired of all the MK vs SF stories"


(*Quietly hides behind skater007*)


WhiteGhost responds:

no urs is amazing man. Dying to see Gambit fight! Yeah what Im saying is Proxicide time has passed be orginal Suroy is orginal with his Mk vs Sf by choosing Chun li as main.


2009-03-18 05:41:58

Wait a min... 75% of your movie is ALL talk and only 25% is going to be the fight?

Oh my... this is going to be boring. Shouldn't it like, be the opposite.

In my movie, only 25% is talk and 75% is going to be an action packed fight scene. Yea!!!!!!!! More Fights baby.


2009-03-18 05:46:28

"Suroy is original with his MK vs SF by choosing Chun li as main."

Yes, I know what you mean. I think what you are saying is that you are tired of all the {Ryu vs Scorpion} and {Ken vs Raiden} flash imitations out there.

Proxicide done it so it's done.
Use life-bars AND make the fight scene 75% of your movie. =D

WhiteGhost responds:

The beginning should always have alot of talking and the beginning is always boring! Even in the beginning of ur 32 bit tournment there was alot of talking! Besides i lost all my data from the SF series i have to start from the beginning.


2009-04-04 12:17:30

alright ive notice you and ur new to scene just keep improving