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Entry #3

Too bad but it happen...

2009-04-21 12:50:59 by WhiteGhost

Well remember when i said i was 75% done? Well my sister boyfriend wipe the freaking HD 2 weeks ago can you believe that HE DIDNT TELL ME! Lesson learned always have a portable HD. Anyway everything happen for a reason right? So i will give a date for my ambitions for this.

This will be release in May 31th 2009 no matter what! I hate when i get behind in work. If i work about 3 hours a night i should get it done..... I could do more but i still have college work and internship.

-So far i have all the sprites i need
-Dialogue done


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2009-04-24 16:44:44

we'll wait


2009-05-03 05:42:34

No not again, everyone is such a lazy fucking ass.
Those lame excuses for an Apple product, that ya'll
have the fag college work and faginterships...

And that the HD broke, or stolen, or threw itself out
of the window.

Come on, just admit that you're a lazy ass and get it over with.
Though it's your movie, you tell the release date, would be nice if you'd have told it without any lame excuses.

(Updated ) WhiteGhost responds:

Damn u feel that hate? I DOOOOOO. Anyway i could be mad at what u said honestly but the fact u said it means ur pretty upset that my stuff isnt out yet meaning your a fan! Woot! On a serious note i admit i have been alittle lazy but i have school work and internship. Trust me when this comes out you will be amazed at how well it is for a person doing his second animation in his life lol


2009-05-14 10:52:45

ur first wasnt dat bad, the sfx and background beat over mines lolz. Mines wouldnt be ready for may 31st but lets see who own does better
Alil competitive fun. U for dat?


2009-05-23 17:25:55

you better hurry your ass up cuz May 31 is almost here!:)

flash or not!


2009-05-24 11:59:13

Dam dude Im sorry to here that... I no how you feel with the college thing.
I cant work on mine that much because I have to study for my lisense and Im not even home have of the dam time. =/


2009-06-24 16:06:50

lol a month late :(


2009-06-25 09:51:55


what's the progress!? Cuz May is LONG gone, July is even


2009-10-04 05:58:40

check out khote page is there any new news?


2009-10-12 21:35:43


"Damn u feel that hate? I DOOOOOO."