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Too bad but it happen...

2009-04-21 12:50:59 by WhiteGhost

Well remember when i said i was 75% done? Well my sister boyfriend wipe the freaking HD 2 weeks ago can you believe that HE DIDNT TELL ME! Lesson learned always have a portable HD. Anyway everything happen for a reason right? So i will give a date for my ambitions for this.

This will be release in May 31th 2009 no matter what! I hate when i get behind in work. If i work about 3 hours a night i should get it done..... I could do more but i still have college work and internship.

-So far i have all the sprites i need
-Dialogue done

I'm about 75% done with the first ep of my series! All the talking is done only thing left is the fight . DO you guys think I should just health bars?

Its starts now

2009-01-13 00:12:39 by WhiteGhost

Today I have started on Street Fighter : Flash Series.
The name of the ep is The Demon has Arrive I don't wanna give you guys an exact timeframe because if I do and I don't make the deadline I probably get flamed. I will say this once the first ep is out I will do my best to give the same timeframe it took to do the first one.

Its starts now